1. Sheeting
    Sheeting or (Sheathing) as it's called in the industry, is a substrate that is used to support many kinds of roofing. In the North-West OSB sheathing is most commonly used for composite roofing
  2. Moisture Barrier
    Moisture Barrier
    Moisture Barriers have traditionally been a tar-paper fabric material. But new Synthetic materials have revolutionized not only barrier qualities but also durability and longevity.
  3. Composite Shingles
    Composite Shingles
    A very good roofing material is composite shingles. They have many colors to choose from and can come with a 25-50 year limited warranties depending on the manufacturer.
  1. Metal Building Insulation
    Metal Building Insulation
    MBI or Metal Building Insulation is always used for metal roofs to prevent condensation (sweat), unless you like indoor rain showers. :)
  2. Corrigated Metal
    Corrigated Metal
    An extremely durable roofing is corrugated metal roofing. It also comes in many colors
  3. Soffits and Trim
    Soffits and Trim
    In most cases trim and soffits will be used to finish out metal roofs. These are custom made a lot of the time to fit your exact structure.
  1. Sheathing
    OSB Sheathing is a good sub straight because it has uniformity and a built in water resistance to help resist decomposition.
  2. Moisture Barrier
    Moisture Barrier
    Synthetic house wrap has a one way moisture absorption property, so it wicks away moisture from the structure if any exists.
  3. Composite Shingles
    Composite Shingles
    Being easy to install and having a great lifespan, composite shingles are the preferred roofing material in the Northwest.